How old to buy CBD?

In most states, a patient who turns 18 can freely buy CBD oil and other cannabidiol in specialized recreational marijuana stores, medical dispensaries, or retail outlets where dietary supplements are available. As a rule, the seller does not require a certified doctor’s appointment since CBD is legal as a safe bioactive supplement that does not […]

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Where to buy CBD?

Nowadays, you can buy CBD in almost any form in any specialized recreational marijuana store. They are also available in medical dispensaries or biological additives stores. Selling the substance is not illegal at all in the US. Thus, the average American should not have problems purchasing CBD products. You can buy CBD locally in one

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What is CBD flower?

CBD flower is a dried flower of the cannabis plant. It ontains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol. The flower is an ordinary marijuana cone of a variety with a low content of psychoactive cannabinol. A distinctive characteristic of the CBD flower is that its use in any form (smoking, vaping, extract) will not provoke the euphoria

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How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction?

CBB oil is a “wonder-cure” to any ailments, including sexual problems. You can use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction. Taking CBD oil before sex promotes better intimacy due to the psychological relaxation of partners. Since erection problems are usually psychological in nature, reducing anxiety and intensifying the sensation is better. CBD contributes to a longer

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