How does CBD make you feel?

Cannabidiol or CBD can have several positive effects on your overall well-being. The feeling under the influence of cannabidiol can be compared to the effect of traditional marijuana but without the feeling of euphoria. Once you take CBD products, you will feel the following states:

  • relaxation;
  • peace of mind;
  • comfort;
  • spiritual harmony;
  • lack of fears;
  • no pain.

Depending on the characteristics of the body and the dose of CBD taken, the intensity of these sensations may vary. At the same time, CBD will not give you a feeling of marijuana euphoria because another component in cannabis is responsible for this – tetrahydrocannabinol.

Sensations after taking CBD for common pathologies are as follows:

  • For epileptics – reducing the intensity of seizures, getting rid of seizures;
  • For schizophrenics – the absence of adverse reactions characteristic of antipsychotic drugs;
  • For patients with chronic pain – reducing the pain effect, improving the quality of life;
  • For drug addicts – reducing the withdrawal syndrome after taking heavy psychoactive drugs.

CBD is a universal relaxant and antidepressant of natural origin that can replace dozens of less effective and less safe pharmaceutical products. Some popular CBD products include CBD oil, CBD gummies, and CBD vape oil. All these products offer relaxation and help reduce stress and anxiety.

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