What is full spectrum CBD?

CBD is very popular nowadays. It has many uses and benefits. A full-spectrum CBD product is a multi-component drug that contains not one but several cannabis extracts: terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids. Also, a full-spectrum CBD product may contain a little tetrahydrocannabinol (in an acceptable amount of up to 0.3%). This concentration of THC does not cause euphoria and other side effects characteristic of marijuana.

A full-spectrum CBD product is one of the most common forms of cannabidiol. It is available in most stores and dispensaries in the USA. At the same time, a CBD isolate – the pure form of the substance – is quite rare and is practically not advisable in medicine due to the complexity and high cost of extraction. In addition, since the isolate is available in crystalline form, it is not comfortable enough for patients to use. Therefore, the most common form of CBD-containing drugs is multicomponent compounds with a minimum THC content.

The full-spectrum CBD product does not cause dependence and can be used for therapeutic purposes, provided that the patient follows the instructions and prescriptions of the doctor. If the patient’s condition deteriorates when taking the drug, it is necessary to temporarily limit its use.

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