How much CBD should i take?

CBD is available in different forms and comes in different dosages. If your doctor does specify a specific dose of cannabidiol or CBD-containing drug, starting with a minimum daily dosage of up to 10 mg per day is the ideal dose. If there is an insufficiently pronounced therapeutic effect within 3-5 days after taking the drug, the dosage will be doubled. The amount is 20 mg daily. A week after taking the drug, you need to ensure that the body tolerates it and does not provoke side effects and allergic reactions. Only after that can you increase the dose to 5 mg weekly until the ideal effect is achieved.

Keep in mind that each CBD-containing drug has its own concentration of the active substance. Therefore, when developing a dosage, it is worth focusing on the percentage of CBD in a particular product. As for possible overdose, studies on patients taking a dose of up to 1500 mg per day did not reveal any abnormalities. Consequently, the drug was recognized as safe. At the moment, there are no cases of overdose of CBD. However, when using certain forms of CBD, certain side effects may occur, which may be associated with individual intolerance.

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