What does CBD feel like?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has a wide range of positive effects. If we describe the condition of patients, it will look like relaxation, normalization of the psychological state, and the gradual elimination of anxiety. CBD also has an effect as an antidepressant. After consuming CBD in any form (oil or gummies) – from medical varieties of marijuana (with a minimum THC content) to oils and esters – a person feels warmth throughout the body, relaxation, and normalization of body systems. If there were pain sensations of any genesis, they gradually go away. A number of studies on CBD involving patients suggest that the drug helps to relax without the typical feeling of being high on marijuana. You just feel comfortable and safe.

CBD begins to act almost immediately when taken orally under the tongue. In this case, the relaxation effect occurs after 5 minutes. If there is a case of taking CBD with food, the onset of the effect will extend to 20-30 minutes. At the same time, the effect itself will last longer.

As for the negative effects, no side effects were identified in the case of CBD. The patient’s condition does not worsen, even with the intensive use of cannabidiol, in any form.

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