How many drops of CBD oil should i take?

When using CBD oil, it may seem that it is not convenient enough to dose the drug. At first glance, capsules, candies, or pills may seem to be a more convenient form for dosage. However, given that CBD oil is available in bottles with a dropper, it will be easy to dose the drug. Moreover, the manufacturer indicates how much cannabidiol is in one drop on each package of CBD oil. If the manufacturer indicates only the total amount of the substance in the bottle, then you can assume that one drop is equal to 0.05 ml. It is worth focusing on the fact that a bottle of CBD oil contains 200 drops in 10 ml. The dose is calculated based on this fact.

The initial dose of CBD oil should start from 1 to 5 drops per day under strict control of the patient’s condition. If there is the absence of a pronounced therapeutic effect, it is advisable to gradually increase the dosage to 10 drops per day in 1-2 drops increments with a frequency of increase every 3-5 days.
If you suddenly exceed the dose of 10 ml, then it is highly likely that you will not feel any side effects. At the moment, a number of studies have not revealed the facts of side effects of case overdose of CBD.

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