So, how long does it take for CBD oil to work? Well, the rate of onset of the therapeutic effect of taking CBD oil depends on the method of administration. The absorption period will be longer if you use CBD oil with food. In this case, the effect of cannabidiol will occur in 20-30 minutes. If you use CBD oil in its pure form under the tongue, the effect will occur within 5-15 minutes. If you use cannabidiol in vaping, the rate of onset of the effect will be 1-2 minutes.

Also, the intensity of the first sensations depends on the dosage. If you have consumed the maximum standard dose (5 drops) of CBD oil under the tongue, the effect will occur on average faster than when taking 1-2 drops. Also, the intensity of the effect depends on the specifics of the patient’s body.

Another factor to consider when it comes to how long it takes for the CBD oil to work is the frequency of taking the drug. Any cannabinoid, including cannabidiol, has the property of accumulating in the tissues of the body. Therefore, if there is a case of prolonged use, the body tends to react faster to the drug.

It is worth remembering that edible forms of CBD oil not only contribute to the onset of the effect after a long time but also have a prolonged effect. Due to this, the positive effect of the drug is more uniform.