How much CBD to relax?

Cannabidiol or CBD is advisable to help reduce anxiety and stress. The dosage of CBD to help you relax may be different depending on factors such as:

  • the nature of pathology;
  • features of the patient’s metabolism;
  • the form and method of taking the drug;
  • other related factors.

There are a number of studies discussing and evaluating the effectiveness of cannabidiol in the treatment of social anxiety. According to one of the most authoritative studies, 40 mg of CBD under the tongue is enough to take control of this type of anxiety. At the same time, specific cases of anxiety disorder may require a higher dosage, up to 300 mg of CBD.

If relaxation means the effective elimination of uncomfortable pain sensations, then the dosage of CBD can also be different. Patients with chronic pain are prescribed cannabidiol at 2.5-20 mg for oral administration. If the patient has an increased body weight, the dosage should be higher than the standard.

If the patient suffers from sleep disorders, CBD will also help him relax. The dosage is selected individually in this case. You should start with a minimum dosage, followed by an increase as needed in increments of no more than 5 mg.

On average, if you want to achieve a state of relaxation, it is enough for a patient to take 25 to 175 mg of CBD daily.

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