How many CBD gummies should i eat?

There is no standard dosage on how many CBD gummies you should eat. The average number that a patient takes is from 1 to 5 chewing gums per day. The choice depends on the actual clinical need for taking the drug and the effectiveness of the effect on a specific pathology.

Medical experts recommend that each patient taking cannabidiol in the form of chewing gum should independently choose their effective dosage. There are a number of techniques that make it possible to determine the optimal number of chewing gums taken by each individual patient. One is to start with a minimum dose (1-2 chewing gums). Depending on the therapeutic effectiveness, you can increase it to 3-5 chewing gums. Also, when taking CBD gummies, you need to focus on the absolute amount of CBD in each gum. Today, the most common dosage is 10 and 25 mg. You should study the information on the packaging to determine the actual dosage of each candy.

When it comes to how many CBD gummies you should eat, the higher the dosage of a single gum is, the less often you should take it. It is also worth increasing the dosage gradually, one chewing gum every 3-5 days. If you feel worse, you should temporarily stop taking CBD gummies.

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