What You Should Know About CBD For Dogs

cbd for dogs

CBD for dogs is the latest buzz in pet health. Researchers have found that 80 percent of the dogs treated with CBD showed improved mobility and pain.

Another small study found that CBD helped reduce seizures and pain in dogs. However, further studies are needed to confirm its benefits for dogs. Until then, CBD is not yet a widely accepted treatment for dogs.

Here are a few things you should know about CBD for dogs:

Cannabidiol for Dogs

Using cannabidiol oil in the right dosage for your dog is important. The best way to avoid side effects is to buy organic products and choose a product backed by a third-party lab’s results. Look for cannabidiol oil formulated for different sizes, weights, and conditions. HolistaPet and the Pet Hemp Company are two top picks among hundreds of happy consumers. Their product line is affordable and formulated for different breeds and ages.

The benefits of using cannabidiol for dogs are numerous. The compound may reduce blood pressure, which is beneficial for an overactive dog. It may also cause drowsiness in higher doses, but it is only temporary. Moreover, the cannabidiol in these products is non-psychoactive and does not interact with anti-inflammatory drugs or any other drug. The same goes for humans.


While terpenes of CBD for dogs are not yet recognized as a medicinal drug, some researchers are exploring the potential benefits of this plant extract. Unlike hemp CBD, which comes from a plant high in terpene myrcene, hemp CBD is more concentrated. And, unlike ingesting a mango, hemp CBD does not cause the same discomfort.

Terpenes are compounds in plants that give plants their unique fragrance, color, and flavor. They serve many important functions in plants, such as attracting pollinators, protecting them from predators, and even warding off disease-causing microorganisms. They also serve as building blocks for more complex compounds, like hormones and steroid substances. All living things manufacture terpenes for their own physiological needs.

CBD for Dogs Dosage

Dosage of CBD for dogs can vary, but the recommended average daily dose for most conditions is 0.068 mg/lb. This is the safest dosage for most dogs when given as a single dose or twice a day. However, it is important to note that some dogs are not tolerant to high dosages, so starting low and working up to a higher dose is important.

The most common method of CBD administration for dogs is CBD oil soft chews. CBD oil is best because a single tablet will not be effective. To ensure your pet receives the maximum therapeutic effect, divide the daily dosage into smaller doses. CBD remains in the dog’s bloodstream for six to eight hours, with a peak concentration two hours after the dosage. CBD oil may help relieve aches and pains, seizures, and anxiety, depending on the condition.


If you’ve heard of CBD, you’ve probably heard of CBD supplements for dogs. But how does CBD help dogs? CBD comes from hemp and marijuana but has no psychoactive effect and is a natural remedy for many ailments. Some dog owners swear by CBD as an alternative therapy for anxiety, insomnia, and other health conditions. The compound is now gaining attention from pet owners, and research is underway to determine how effective it is.

While most dogs will tolerate CBD, some side effects may occur. Most are mild and temporary, but you should know how to treat them so that you can prevent serious consequences. Give them plenty of water if your pet experiences drowsiness or a dry mouth. If diarrhea is an issue, offer your pet rice. Similarly, give them plenty of water if your dog exhibits excessive thirst.

Safety of CBD for Dogs

There are a number of concerns surrounding the safety of CBD for dogs. Although it is safe to use in moderation, CBD may significantly impact dogs’ behavior. While no scientific studies indicate that CBD in dogs has any negative effects, CBD-rich extracts are popular as a topical medication for pain. CBD is also safe as a preventive medication, as it may help relieve symptoms of several ailments.

The safety of CBD in dogs was recently addressed by a study published in the American Journal of Veterinary Research. In this randomized, placebo-controlled study, 20 healthy beagles were divided into five groups. Four groups received CBD oil in ascending doses based on body weight, with a maximum CBD dose of 12 mg/kg. The fifth group received a placebo. In all five studies, researchers observed no clinically significant adverse effects associated with CBD treatment. Uncontrollable salivation is one of the common side effects.

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