Elyxr D9 Gummies


Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and a psychoactive high with Dr. Strains CBD Elyxr D9 Gummies. Each gummy is infused with 25mg Delta 9 THC, offering potent effects. Choose from different formulations and pack sizes for a customized experience. Made with high-quality ingredients, these gummies provide a consistent and enjoyable experience.

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Dr. Strains CBD Elyxr D9 Gummies: Potent Relaxation and Psychoactive High

Experience the ultimate relaxation and a psychoactive high with Dr. Strains CBD Elyxr D9 Gummies. These gummies offer a powerful combination of Delta 9 THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids for a potent and enjoyable experience. Each gummy is carefully crafted to provide consistent and reliable effects.

Product Features:

  • Potent Formula – Each gummy contains 25mg Delta 9 THC, providing relaxing and psychoactive effects
  • Various Options – Choose from different formulations, including Delta 9 THC/CBD, Delta 9 THC/HHC, Party Pack, and D9o Live Resin
  • High-Quality Ingredients – Made with high-quality Delta 9 THC, CBD, HHC, and other cannabinoids
  • Multiple Pack Sizes – Available in container sizes of 8 pieces (400mg or 500mg) and Party Pack (1000mg)


Delta 9 THC, CBD, HHC, D8, D10, Live Resin

How to Use:

Consume 1 gummy and allow time for the effects to take place. Start with a small dose and adjust as needed. Do not exceed recommended dosage.


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