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How to use CBD oil for anxiety?

CBD oil is popular as a treatment for different issues like depression, chronic pain, and stress. But how to use CBD oil for anxiety?

One of the indications for the use of CBD oil is anxiety. CBD affects the receptors of the central and peripheral systems, providing a calming effect. A number of studies prove the drug’s effectiveness in treating various types of anxiety, such as social anxiety, OCD, and GAD. CBD also helps to cope with disorders such as panic attacks and PTSD. The advantage of the drug is that it does not provoke side effects but simultaneously stimulates the production of serotonin.

At the moment, there is no single standard dosage on how to use CBD oil for anxiety and on all of the above pathologies. At the same time, 5-10 drops per day are the minimum universal dose for starting therapy. CBD oil can be taken both with food and as a separate suspension. CBD has the greatest effect when taken orally under the tongue, with a delay of up to a minute. In this case, it causes the most rapid absorption of the active component, and psychological relaxation occurs almost instantly. If the minimum dosage does not cope with anxiety, then you should gradually increase the dose in increments of 3-5 drops per day until the onset of a pronounced therapeutic effect.

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