The brand was founded in 2013 – which is really dated by hemp industry standards. 2014’s Farm Bill is what ushered in CBD for the first time; companies that came before this were either sketchy or cutting-edge. Procana, though, is best described as low-key forward-thinking.

Procana was founded in 2013, which is way back by the industry’s standards. This makes them pioneers in the CBD space. And unlike many other brands, Procana has been focused on medicinal products since they opened their doors. They’re backed by leading doctors and scientists engaged in multiple medical studies all geared towards proving the efficacy of CBD to everyone.

The therapeutic properties of THC from Procana:

  • Relieves pain;
  • Stimulates appetite;
  • Suppresses muscle cramps;
  • Effective for nausea and vomiting.
    Hemp seeds from Procana are the right choice! The resulting plants will fully match the photos and descriptions for each variety. Procana only produces first-class products! Some people think that when they buy cannabis seeds they are not getting the originals. That may apply to some growers who sell copies of well-known varieties.

Procana is special because they are the only CBD producer in the industry to offer a medicinal-grade product that can be sold at a competitive price!

CBD from Procana and how it works for arthritis.
Currently, arthritis has no specific treatment. However, Procana’s CBD may be the most effective traditional therapeutic treatment for arthritis. Recent studies show that arthritis patients have unusually high levels of joint tissue in their CB2 receptors. Studies have also shown that Procana’s CBD can be used effectively to fight inflammation because it activates the signaling pathways of these CB2 receptors.