Green Helix has a lot of cannabis-derived products. They make gluten-free, non-GMO lab-tested products that are grown in the U.S.A. Their products are for people who have certain medical problems like cancer or diabetes and their formulas are made to help with those problems.

CBD reduces severe social anxiety. A person suffering from generalized social anxiety disorder (SAD) is one of the most common types of anxiety, which infringes on quality of life. Some fear increased sensitivity to cannabis after use but this has more to do with low levels of CBD than significantly higher levels found in marijuana.

Therapeutic properties of CBD by Green Helix:

  • Antibiotics;
  • Slows the growth of cancer cells by lowering ph levels in the blood;
  • Promotes bone growth;
  • Reduces inflammation and cramping;
  • Lowers blood sugar levels. Lowers the risk of heart attack by lowering cholesterol.

Features of CBD from Green Helix

Green Helix cannabis seeds are produced organically and contain all the necessary micronutrients for a good start. Pollination criteria for the plants are very strict. We use pollen filters in all of our facilities to make sure no pollen from male plants of other varieties can get in. During the pollination procedure, Green Helix achieves the highest quality seeds. Once they are produced, Green Helix selects the best seeds by hand and then tests them for germination and viability. This way, you are guaranteed to get fresh, vibrant seeds that are sure to produce high-quality plants.

Most Green Helix plants are strong F1 hybrids, derived from the selection of their most stable ancestors. They are all great indoors and in greenhouses and can be grown outdoors in sunny regions with mild climates. You’ll be able to read about approximate times to harvest outdoor from the variety of descriptions.

CBD and CBDa from Green Helix and the relationship between them

The CBDa cannabinoid is the acidic precursor of CBD. While growing cannabis produces THCa and CBDa, it doesn’t produce THC or CBDa when they are in their acidic form. If you heat up marijuana by any means such as smoking, boiling, vaping, etc., then a process called decarboxylation occurs.