Dr. Strains CBD luxury award-winning brand began with one simple motto “Quality CBD flower at an affordable price”. At the end of 2019, Dr. Strains CBD won for “Best Hemp Flower” at the 2019 CBD East Expo.

Dr. Strains CBD was developed with three main factors in mind:

  1. The product is easy to use, no special skills are needed to take the brand products.
  2. CBD is THC-free and third-party lab tested to give competitive professionals peace of mind.
  3. The product creates noticeable benefits for the user. No placebo effects, just proven results based on data, not assumptions.

Dr. Strains strongly believes that getting CBD oils from tinctures is the best delivery method available. Tinctures allow customers to take a more accurate dosage of CBD and save money. On Dr. Strains’ product pages, you can find our new product rating, which shows our customers the amount of CBD in each drop. This lets our customers know how much value they will get from their product.

Dr. Strains, the leader in natural pain relief solutions, has developed a fast-acting analgesic gel that helps promote cartilage formation and muscle regeneration. Its cooling effect provides immediate pain relief by quickly absorbing into the skin to strengthen connective tissues and ligaments while protecting joint health from future wear and tear.

Dr. Strains CBD has very good shipping times. An order can arrive in a couple of days. You also get FREE shipping on all orders starting at a certain amount. You should check out the official website for more details.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll receive text messages about your order. On the day your order is due for delivery, you’ll receive a text message that includes not only the name of your delivery driver but also the arrival time of your CBD.