Diamond CBD provides customers with the chance to purchase safe and legal hemp extracts through its website. It is a product that comes directly from nature and is beneficial for diverse conditions without side effects.

Diamond CBD products are much cheaper than 99.9% of the competition and he doesn’t skimp on quality, so you get the best CBD at the best price.

How to use Diamond CBD oil

All Diamond CBD oils come in spray bottles. To use Diamond CBD oil, simply open the box, point the nozzle under your tongue and squirt a couple of sprays.

For example, one spray of 1200 mg of CBD oil provides 17.1 mg of CBD, so if you find that the effect is not enough, you can make more. I usually do several sprays a day, usually in the morning, afternoon, and before going to bed.

Hold the CBD under your tongue for a minute or so – this will help with absorption. You don’t have to do a full minute, but I find it helps: the longer you can keep it under your tongue, the better.

Can I travel with a Diamond CBD?

CBD is legal in Europe, several American states, Canada, and most other parts of the world, but it would be advisable to confirm legal status in the country you are visiting. For more information on the legality of CBD, visit our CBD information blogs. Diamond CBD oil is legal, but we suggest you call your airline to check with them. If you want to travel with CBD flower or CBD tea powder, you will again need to consult with your flight company, as security personnel may not recognize the product as CBD and think it is THC.